Your specialty weapons are assault rifles and shotguns.

You gain 1 power point. This power point can be used to deploy the scorpion turret. You regain a single power point at the end of a short mission, or all power points at the end of a long mission.

The turret takes an action to deploy, and must be deployed with in 2 hexes of the soldier. At the time of deployment it chooses a “forward” face and it’s shields deploy, going out 2 hexes to the side in either direction. They provide light cover, or heavy cover if someone goes prone within 2 hexes of them. The turret takes the full round to construct itself. At the start of the next round, the turret is fully deployed, and stays deployed for 5 Rounds as long as it is not destroyed. It fires at the nearest enemy with a ROF of 2 and a recoil of -2. The turret uses your Shotgun or assault rifle skill to hit (your choice). For damage it deals 1d6+your vigor attribute.

The turret is considered to have heavy cover from the front (due to its size and armor) or medium from the back. It has a toughness equal to 4+1/2 your vigor. While it can be shaken, it ignores the affects of shaken.

You can also choose edges from the following edge trees:



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