revised skill list

Every class has at least one specialized weapon. A classes specialized weapon is not tied to an attribute.

You have 15 skill points to distribute among your skills. Each die type costs 1 point (starting at d4) as long as the skill is equal to or less than the attribute it’s linked to (listed beside the skill in parentheses). If you exceed the attribute, the cost becomes 2 points per die type.

You may choose from the following skills (many have been dropped or removed altogether.)

Assault Rifle (Agility)
Athletics (Strength): combines climbing, swimming.
Driving (Agility): combines driving, boating, pilot, riding
Eridian Weapons (Agility)
Fighting (Agility)
Pistols (Agility)
Rocket Launchers (Agility)
Shotguns (Agility)
SMG’S (Agility)
Sniper Rifle (Agility)
Throwing (Agility)

revised skill list

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