House Rules

Fight For Your Life – Replaces Incapacition

When you take over 3 wounds you must attempt to fight for your life. During this time all powers end and you automatically draw your last equipped weapon (a free action). You take a -2 on all rolls during this time. This is in addition to your wound penalties. You have one round from this point to act. If you manage to kill an enemy during that round you gain a second wind! If you fail you die and will be recreated at the nearest new you station, assuming you have enough dollars to be insured!

Second Wind Congratulations, you didn’t die horrendously! You instantly recover 1 wound and all of your shield capacity. Unfortunately you also suffer one temporary wound. This wound lasts until you heal all your wounds and receive medical treatment for it!

New You Recreation
To get instantly recreated as your previous self you must make a new you. Unfortunately, such insurance is not cheap. It takes a minimum of 500 dollars per experience point earned, or 25% of your current bank account, whichever is higher. Additionally, you suffer one permanent wound. If you don’t have enough cash you die permanently. Bummer!

House Rules

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