You begin with the Martial Arts Edge and 1d6 vigor.

Your specialty weapons are rocket Launchers and melee.

You gain a pool of 4 power points.

You gain the berserk action skill. You may spend one power point as an action to activate berserk for one round, though maintaining power points to continue berserking is a free action. You automatically put away all weapons and may only attack with your fists. While you are berserk your unarmed damage increases by 2 dice (starting at 1d8+str melee damage), gain +2 pace, ignore all wounds and the shaken condition, and regenerate 1 wound per round.

You gain back all your power points at the end of a long mission, one power point at the end of a short mission or long combat, or one power point at the end of three short combats.

Additionally, you have access to the following edge skill trees in addition to all the normal edges:



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